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May 26 - N. Sask River Paddle

For details Click Here for the details.

June 11 - River Day

Click Here for all details.

June 12 - Pembina River Paddle

CLICK HERE to see the details.

Quicker communications for members

If you want your finger on the pulse of all the club's activities, you will want to join our "Group" messaging service.
You will get an email copy of every notifications sent about activities of the club, as well as warning of changes to those organized events, and avoid being disappointed when the pool has bumped us or some other non foreseeable event forcing a cancellation of a club activity.
Email your request to join to

Looking for photos

Attention all members, we are looking for articles and photos about your summer adventures.
Please go to our Facebook page and post your contributions, or do not have time, please send all articles and photos to the administrator at

WANTED - Club River Trip Leaders

Your club is in the process of forming a pool of qualified river trip leaders to organize and lead river trips during the summer and fall.
Financial support will be made available to qualified candidates so they can acquire the relevant certifications required to ensure the safety of our members participating in club river trips.
If you would be interested in improving your paddling skills and supporting your club, please contact

Recent Pictures

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